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Why use a buyer's agent?

We strongly believe that in today's world of overflowing information and technology it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify which information is critical and accurate.

Now, more than ever, the services of a professional real estate buyer's agent is vital so that time is not wasted on irrelevant details. The key is to ascertain which information is crucial for you to make the right purchasing decision.

When a real estate agent is appointed to sell a property that agent's duty is to the seller. As a buyer, you also have the option to have a licensed real estate professional to represent you when buying.

An agent engaged by the seller, by law, is not permitted to represent you nor have your best interests in mind when negotiating the price, terms or conditions for the sale of the property. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite; his/her objective is to obtain the highest possible sale price for the seller.

A real estate buyer's agent can help you to:

Buying a home or property is not only a major consumer decision, but one that most people make infrequently. Most sellers employ a licensed real estate agent to help and advise them throughout the sale. The buyer, on the other hand, is generally unassisted during the process and the seller's agent's job is not to help the buyers but to get them to pay as high a price as possible. Unless a buyer gets their your own agent, accountable to them, they could possibly pay more than fair market value!!

Why use IntraProperty?

We offer two levels of services:

  1. Act for you as your buyer agent.
  2. Advice and/or information ONLY.

#1 Act for you as your buyer agent

We offer you our knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills to assist with the purchase of the family home or the property of your dreams as your buyer agent. We will not try to sell you a property - we will help you buy the most suitable property for you and your family's needs at a fair market price or better.

We are accountable only to you: our client.

IntraProperty can help you to keep your personal and financial circumstances at arm's length from the selling agent during the process, giving you a better chance of negotiating a price which is fair for you.

We will always act in your best interest to negotiate the best possible outcome FOR YOU and will not at any stage disclose any information to third parties which may weaken your position.

#2 Advice and/or information only

We will provide you with advice and information that will help you make a more informed decision. All you need to do is make an appointment with us, generally lasting for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. At this appointment you can ask and receive the right answers to your questions, for example: